About Us

About Us

Founded in 2015, Highway Motor has a aim to bring efficiency to the transportation segment. With over 15 years of experience in industry, we provide excellent service to our customers. We are your trusted asset based carrier. We are based on the principle of dependable and reliable customer service. Our drivers are our most valuable resources. We are committed to the safety of our employees,customers and the environment.We are a vibrant, growing company where service and customer satisfaction matters. We haul temperature controlled meat, perishables, beverages, frozen food and dairy products. The passion and experience of our employees enable us to provide our customers with simple seamless solutions to all of their transportation needs.

Specialized in Temperature Controlled and Perishables

Highway Motor Freight is a reliable shipping provider that is cost-effective, timely, and careful with each of your shipments, no matter the size.With Highway Motor, strong customer service is also as vital as problems do occur with shipments and our help is always available when needed.We make ongoing investments in equipment, drivers, service, technology, and safety for better services and customer satisfaction.We handle everything for your shipments, from start to finish, using our own fleet of vehicles, our own hired drivers and our own years of experience at moving sensitive goods like yours.We see all of our customers as our business partners and we always take new ideas and initiatives to serve them better.

Vision Statement

To provide regular “best in class” service, safety and quality to our customers, partners and people in every mile we drive.

Transportation Service with a focus on quality

Customer service is a top priority at Highway Motor. You will always get the answers you need promptly and courteously.You can assured that your shipments will be delivered according to our stringent quality process.